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Review of the Nissan Leaf

The cost of a gallon of gasoline has started going up again, and many analysts are stating that it could continue to rise if the current political situation in the Middle East worsens or if another bad hurricane hits the Gulf area. This has caused many people to start seriously looking at an all-electric car such as the Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan Leaf is relatively new on the market, and can be an ideal commuter vehicle. While exact mileage can vary based on driving conditions continuous testing of the car by both Nissan and independent consumer agencies have shown that it can go about 100 miles on a single charge. The fact that there is no gasoline engine means that the cost to drive the car is equal to your cost to charge it. Because electric rates can vary depending on where an owner lives, however, it’s hard to determine your exact costs to charge it. According to customer reviews, however, most owners have charging expenses of about a dollar per charge.

There are several different charging options for the Leaf. Many owners choose to simply plug the car into a wall outlet in their garage at night. For many owners, charging overnight like this provides enough charge to get them to and from work with enough left over to run a few errands. If your garage has a 220 volt outlet, the car can be fully charged in just a few hours. These outlets are most commonly referred to as dryer outlets, and they are common in many newer houses. For people who need to charge the car faster, however, there is an optional charging station that can fully charge the battery in thirty minutes.

Commuters and people who use their car for frequent short trips will see the most savings from buying the Leaf. Besides saving hundreds of dollars on gas, many owners report that they love the fact that they no longer have to waste time visiting the gas station.

Owners of the Nissan Leaf have reported that the car has excellent handling and acceleration. Find out if this is the car for you by test driving it today.

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