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Review of the Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush

The Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Advertisement
Michel Mercier

Why I Ordered the Brush

I ordered the Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush for my 6 year old daughter, who has an abundance of waist-long hair. The daily brushing before school had become very difficult and trying for us, and if we did not get this brush we might have had to cut it shorter in order to make our mornings easier. My daughter brought my attention to a commercial for the brush, which made it sounds like it magically makes your tangles go away.

Difficulties with the Ordering Process

The advertised cost is $14.95, with a free second brush. With shipping and handling charges of $11.90 and tax of $2.92, my order came to $29.17. In order to place the order you must go through several pages of optional offers. A few days after my order, I received a phone call to “confirm” my order. However, this was really a sales promotion in which I would be charged $1 to be enrolled in a trial savings program, in which case I would receive a free gift card for Walmart. I kept saying I did not want the program and the sales person kept trying to confirm that it was okay to charge the $1 to my credit card. It took about 10 minutes to get the sales person to accept the fact that I just wanted the brush and did not want to be enrolled in the program. (The offer sounds tempting, but you have to remember to call and cancel your membership before the trial is up or you will receive additional monthly charges on your credit card.) The brushes came about a week later.

The Performance of the Brush

The brush is certainly unusual looking. It has a very wide paddle head and short, thick handle. Its bristles are very short, made of hard plastic that come to a hard point. For myself, I did not find it comfortable, and although it got through my tangles, when I used it on dry hair, it made my long curly hair very frizzy; when used on wet hair, it did not get through my hair any easier than my $4 vent brush. My teenage daughters, who have long straight hair, also did not like the handling of this brush. They explained that it does not feel comforting on the scalp and the bristles are too short to get through the full thickness of your hair. However, it worked for the purposes of my youngest daughter’s hair, and it is now the only brush we use for her.

The first day we used it, she had very difficult tangles. Normally to get them out would require shampoo, conditioner, lots of detangling spray, and an hour’s worth of brushing. The brush did not get through them like magic, and it did rip out a piece of the knotted hair. However it got through the knots within 5 to 10 minutes. It also worked on wet hair. I notice that with every day of brushing with this brush, it got a little easier to get through her hair. It also does not cause any pain when brushing. She can brush her own hair with it or have me brush it, and we have no more conflict over brushing. Therefore I have to conclude for our purposes the brush has been worth it.

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