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Review of The Manual by Sherryle K. Jackson

The Manual
The Manual

The Manual is a story about relationships, and how God has already written the perfect manual on how to deal with any issues that we face in life. The main characters Deidre and Andre are child hood sweethearts that break up following the birth of their son DeAndre. Eight years later they find themselves drawn together again to deal with issues that have arisen with their son. The book was well written, the characters were believable, and the story had a good pace.

However, I did not enjoy this book. Perhaps it simply wasn’t my cup of tea. I felt that it moved slowly and didn’t grab me. The best part of the book was the final three chapters. That is not a good thing, because if I were not reading it for review, I never would have made it there.

I do feel this would be a great book for teen readers. The teen-aged son and his issues were very realistic and on point. It deals with peer pressure, sex, grades, and school behavior. After completing this book I gave it to my son as I felt he would enjoy it.

As stated, it just wasn’t my cup of tea, however I do recommend it for those dealing with relationships and looking for a way out. The Manual is that guide. 

Readers in Greenville, SC can find this book at Barnes & Noble on Haywood Rd.