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Review of The Lip Bar purple rain

The Lip Bar's purple rain lipstick
The Lip Bar's purple rain lipstick

The Lip Bar is an independent makeup company specializing in lipsticks. They have infused the concept of lipsticks with the bar scene and have created seasonal lipstick shades. Purple Rain was part of their fundraising collection to purchase a truck and has limited availability. However, if you prefer neutral colors, their Virgin Cocktails may be appealing.

The packaging alone was worth the $20 per lipstick price, but no one should have to spend more than $12 for lipsticks, except in the case of OCC Lip Tars. The lipstick tubes are custom made, and the package was accompanied by a pen in the shape of a lipstick and product information cards. The Lip Bar obviously takes pride in their packaging and attention to detail.

No ingredient list was obtained by the author; however, according to different websites, ingredients include shea butter, avocado oil, and jojoba oil. Persea Gratissima also has regenerative properties and natural sun protection. It is also rich in Vitamin E. Purple Rain is said to be the most emollient lipstick to date from the company. During testing, Purple Rain was sampled over bare lips, primed lips, and a neutral lip pencil.

It does not compare to Lime Crime's D'Lilac, because D’Lilac is a light, opaque purple. It is pinker / redder and deeper than Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn.

Disclaimer: These products were purchased by the author for review purposes. This review was in no way influenced by any individual and/or entity and reflects the author's personal views. This Makeup Examiner has stopped using numeric ratings as varying product ingredients have different effects. Some companies focus on nourishment, while others focus on longevity. Most products do not have both attributes.


The Lip Bar Purple Rain is pigmented given that it is highly emollient. It required a few applications of the product to appear on medium tan / olive complexion. When applied over MAC Chromographic Pencil NC42/MW35, MAC Spice, MAC Cranberry, and MAC Naked Liner, the products did not blend. The Lip Bar Purple Rain just laid on top of the liners. This could be due to the high emollient properties of The Lip Bar Purple Rain.

Ease of Use:

The Lip Bar Purple Rain glided on easily but required a few applications and streaked. It did not streak as much as Lavender Mojito.


The Lip Bar Purple Rain is creamy and feels smooth on lips. It is the smoothest, creamiest lipstick this author has experienced.


The Lip Bar Purple Rain wore off after about an hour or so and required reapplication. It must be noted that lipsticks such as this, with hydrating and moisturizing properties, will typically require reapplication often. The main ingredient in purple lipsticks is typically manganese violet, which is difficult to make last long.


The Lip Bar Purple Rain is not a traditional lip color and is not suitable for professional office environments such as law firms, law enforcement, dental and medical offices, etc. It is a fun color for all ages and can be worn tactfully and classy. This lip color can be worn for fun, a night out, and Valentine's Day.

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