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Review of The Boondock Saints 2: All Saint's Day

Troy Duffy has had a hard way to go. A movie entitled Overnight chronicles his success at selling his script for the first Boondock Saints and then how it all fell apart with his alienating his friends and making enemies in Hollywood. The movie The Boondock Saints was made with half the budget Miramax offered, and in 32 days. In my opinion the movie was better for everything that went down. With a better budget it would have had a different feel, different actors, and Hollywood would have screened it to death making it feel like another carbon copied action film instead of the "cult classic" it became.

Boondock Saints 2: All Saint's Day
Stage 6 Films

As a fan of the first film I went into the film (Boondock Saint's 2) with high hopes. I wasn't disappointed. The film gave us more background into the father figure played by Bill Connolly. A few new stars came into the fray. Julie Benz plays a smartass investigator along the same lines that Willem Dafoe played in the first, and Clifton Collins Jr. plays a stereotypical latino man. I believe both adds two nice characters in the already colorful world of the Saints.

The ending sets up the third film in what looks like a trilogy. I wouldn't mind to see this expand into a franchise. We have horror movie much more unwatchable go on to six or seven films. In my opinion Troy Duffy is the movie maker he said he could be and someone needs to continue giving this man money and let him do what he does.


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