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Review of Simply Clean Litter Box System

If you own a cat or several cats, you know that there is nothing worse than having to clean the cat litter box. You are bent over a smelly box, trying not to touch cat waste with your bare hands and breathing in the foul pneumonia smell as well as other smells. Additionally, if you have back issues or other physical issues, cleaning the cat box can be very difficult. We all love our cats but we all hate the cat litter box.

Most cat owners have looked at and considered the self cleaning litter boxes but they are really expensive and there is some question about the safety of the cat using the litter box. The concerns that cat owners have with these self cleaning litter boxes is that the cat can get caught in the rake that automatically goes across the litter box and sweeps the waste into a container. That container might also be an issue as most self cleaning cat litter boxes use a disposable container, which might not sound so bad at first but if you have multiple cats and need to dispose of two trays a day or more, this can be a big cost on top of the cat littler. In many of these self cleaning cat litter boxes you will also have to buy and use a special cat litter and that can also be costly. So cost with these can be a big issue when you add in the cost of the self cleaning litter box, special cat litter, disposable waste containers and there is risk to the cat with the rake.

What if there was a way to avoid the risk of coming in contact with your cats waste, not smelling it, not causing yourself pain from bending over the box, is safe for your cat to use, isn’t going to be overly expensive and make it really easy?

The Simply Clean Litter Box System can answer that question.

To really put the Simply Clean Litter Box System to the test it was placed in a home with the owner of nine indoor cats. Here is what that cat owner had to say, “Yes, we really have nine indoor cats. We have several cat litter box issues. One, they all like to use the same box, if you place a second box in the house none of them will use it, even if the box is full and dirty. Two, I have fibromyalgia and some times it’s impossible to clean the litter box because I can’t bend down for that long or lift anything. Three, we have nine cats and go through tons of expensive cat litter.” Sounds like a lot of common cat litter box issues but multiplied by nine.

What happened when the Simply Clean Litter Box System was placed in the cat owners home? The cat owner went on to say “Once I had the Simply Clean Litter Box System home I was shocked over how easy it was to set up and get into place. I really expected it to be in 900 little pieces that I would need to put together. After I got it together and put in place I used my normal clumping cat litter in the box and left it there for the night. In the morning I went to check it out. The litter in the box was nicely grated and the little container that collects the waste in a plastic grocery was full. I just removed the bag and put a clean one in, added a little litter and walked away. Since it rotates and uses a conveyor belt like system to remove the waste we don’t have to worry about one of cats getting caught in the rake. This is fantastic!”


You can use what ever clumping cat litter that you want to use.

It’s really easy to use.

You don’t have to buy anything extra once you have the litter box.


If your cat is a digger you will have cat litter spilled outside of the box.

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