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Review of Praeter Morte's debut album 'Purifying the Oppressor'

Praeter Morte's debut album
Praeter Morte's debut album
Praeter Morte


  • Pat Fields 6 years ago

    Great article, very descriptive and kept my interest.

  • Chris Catone (Strong Island Cat-1 Booking) 6 years ago

    i definitely agree 100% with the review dnorbs and love the cross promotion...if possible see if you can get the links for praeter and my promotion site fixed...also im printing flyers tomorrow and i will put ur site on there...

  • LI Metal Music 6 years ago

    Cat 1: I fixed those links, and added a few (for Suppressed Theory, Black Crown and a few other bands). If you talk to anyone bands that want their music reviewed, tell them to contact me. Basically anyone that sends me a CD or whatever I will review; just let them know I'm going to tell it like it is, so don't come with any weak stuff. :)

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