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Review of Lit Cosmetics Holographic Glitter Kit

Lit Cosmetics Holographic Glitter Kit in Rich and Famous (Copper)
Lit Cosmetics Holographic Glitter Kit in Rich and Famous (Copper)Sephora

While Lit Cosmetics may be a new brand name for you, the company was conceived in 2001 by Jodie Perks. Jodie like many beauty product junkies loved bling, glitter and wanted to find a makeup that would hold up. After not finding a product that she was satisfied with she started Lit Cosmetics. The companies vision is to "Glitter the World" and that is what the companies specialty is.

Sephora recently began to carry their product line in its stores and specifically has their Holographic Glitter Kit. The Holographic Glitter Kit's come in three colors: Superfly (dark silver), Disco Diva (bright purple) and Rich and Famous (copper). The gorgeous pigmented colors will catch your eye in the display case. The three piece kit comes with "Clearly Liquid" Glitter Base, Glitter Color and a brush applicator. The clear base is designed to go on first and create a controlled base for glitter application. Once the base is applied pat on the glitter to the eyelid. Lit Cosmetics are made with natural ingredients and is water based, alcohol free, paraben free and Propylene Glycol free.

I decided to put the kit to the test and use it on a day where I would not be able to touch up, use makeup removers if the glitter fell all over my face and at an event. I was impressed that the clear solution was not overly sticky or heavy. The glitter adhered to the base easily and stuck right to it. The product looked amazing and packs a bunch. I also was pleased that the glitter did not fall all over my face throughout the day. Finally the clincher was that I was asked about my eye makeup all day and received compliments.

The Holographic Glitter kit is $19.95 each and I would highly recommend the product for anyone that wants to add glitter to their look.