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Review of Kids Suction CaliBowl with lid

The Child's Suction CaliBowl with lid comes in three colors: pink, blue and green.
The Child's Suction CaliBowl with lid comes in three colors: pink, blue and green.
photo by CaliBowl

With an internet handle like Dakotapam, many are surprised to learn that I actually have California roots. I was actually born and raised a California girl, though my roots are now deeply planted into midwest soil!

Last year I learned that the husband of one of my high school classmates had launched a line of revolutionary bowls, called the CaliBowl.

The CaliBowl has a unique design. The edge of the bowl features and inward curving lip, modeled after waves the inventor was surfing on in Baja. This lip helps push the ingredients of the bowl back on the utensil, whether it be guacamole and chips, our soup, salad or cereal.

I was impressed to find a wide variety of CaliBowls here in Bismarck and I picked up the Big Sur stack in Fire Truck Red, as it matches my kitchen beautifully. My sons are the dishwashers in the house, and they will attest, that these bowls are always dirty! We use them every day!

I am a certifiable bowl freak, and I love to find new bowls to mix and serve and eat out of. To me a bowl has to look good, feel good in my hands and work well. The CaliBowls met my expectations.

On the birth of my twins, I was sent a set of two pink Suction CaliBowls with lids. Recently I have been able to start using them. My girls are only six months old, so they are not self feeding yet, but I LOVE these bowls for feeding the girls. The bowl is large enough to accommodate two servings of whatever pureed delicacy The girls are currently in to. Their current favorite? Mashed CaliBowl appropriate!

The bowls have no internal grooves or ridges for food to get stuck in, and the perfectly rounded bottom allows me to get every last drop of food out of the bowl and pushed onto the spoon. If you have ever seen, or HEARD my twins eat, you will know that they want to make sure they have been given every last drop!

Although I have not utilized the suction function of the bowls yet, I appreciate it, and I like that the suction bottom is permanently adhered to the bowl, so I do not have to worry about it getting lost.

The lids snap on easily and then make the bowls stackable in the refrigerator. The bowls are BPA free and are dishwasher and microwave safe. I have yet to microwave in the bowls (I don't microwave plastic), but they have held up well in my dishwasher.

I find the bowls to be very attractive. They are colorful without being gaudy, and the coordinate well with the entire CaliBowl line.

I heartily recommend the Kids Suction CaliBowl with lid to any new or not so new eater in your home!


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