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Review of 'Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair' by Pledge

Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair by Pledge
Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair by Pledge
Pledge product

For many pet lovers there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with your favorite furry friend. Unfortunately, for those of us with heavy shedding pets, it leaves a pile of hair that can be tough to clean up at times. Earlier this year, Pledge came out with a new product called Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair. It has a large handle and a double roller on the bottom that you sweep over your fabric side to side in short, quick strokes. The idea is that the rollers pick up hair when rolling in one direction, then trap the hair inside when rolling the opposite direction. The product is able to be reused multiple times. Pledge states on their website that one Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair cleans up as much hair as 145 sticky roller sheets.  As the owner of a large breed, longer haired dog, I was anxious to give it a try!

I purchased the Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair 10 days ago, and have used it everyday. I have used it on my furniture, on decorative pillows, and the interior of my car. Overall I am very happy with the product. There are times that hair builds up on the roller and it takes a few more swipes to get it trapped inside. Having a longer haired dog, there were times the hair build up did not go inside and I simply took it off the roller and threw it in the trash. Pledge website says if that happens to swipe the roller a few times in both directions on a hair free section of fabric and that will fix the problem. The hair inside the product I purchased is getting full at this point and I will most likely have to replace it within the next few days. Considering my dog's hair is about an inch long and she does shed heavily, I am pleased with how long it has lasted. With short haired, or smaller pets I imagine the roller will last twice as long, if not longer than mine has.

The Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair cost me $4.49+ tax at a local grocery store. I will definitely be purchasing another one. I do believe it cleaned up more hair than sticky roller sheets do, and I like the fact that the hair is trapped inside. It was much easier and more effective than trying to vacuum the couch and pillows everyday, which often leaves quite a bit of hair behind. I probably enjoyed using it most in my car. I normally have to stop at a car wash to vacuum the hair, and at times, that's a big inconvenience.

According to the Pledge website, this product is not recommended for use on leather, vinyl, or wet surfaces. The rollers should never be washed or rinsed, and you should never disassemble the product to try and empty it. Most importantly, this product should never be used directly on an animal.