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Review of Elmer's Craft Bond Pen.

Glue pen for paper crafts
Glue pen for paper crafts
PJ Waldrop

Anytime that a crafter works with paper crafts and Scrapbooking there are four main points to be considered. First the buyer needs to know if it is acid free. Certain acids in plastics and polymers can cause the premature aging of paper. A common example is the deterioration of paperback books which use recycled paper. These acids yellow the paper and make them brittle.

The second point is usability. The pen offers fine lines and ease to glue small parts. With the use of all the die cut machines, this ability is important as layers are glued to each other to make more detailed designs.

The third is very important with glues, how well does it hold. How does the bond work and how does it look when it is dry. The last point is price, how does it perform compared to its unit price.

The Craft Bond Pen is nicely affordable. It can be purchased at Orlando area Walmart and many other stores that sell Elmer's glues. However the glue seems to flow too easily, it does not want to stay where it is applied. Although it is acid free and photo safe, it is messy, overflows and puddles. After applying a generous amount, the paper to paper bond does not work well either. Although Elmer's is a big name in glue, their craft bond pen falls short of expectations.