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Review of Elf Rescue for iOS

It's Christmas Eve, and the unthinkable has happened: you've received a distress call from Santa that his sleigh has crashed. In Elf Rescue it is up to you to find all of the presents, reindeer, and save Christmas in this platform-style puzzler by Lapland Studio.

Elf Rescue Screenshots
Elf Rescue Screenshots
Lapland Stuido
Elf Rescue
Lapland Stuido

In Elf Rescue players control Aava, an elf that can only walk forwards. Tapping Aava can make her stand still for up to three seconds, and tapping her again will make her continue walking forwards. Players can also tap yellow balloons to have them pop and make presents and fuel fall to the ground, or tap on snow hanging from branches to create small bridges.

You'll have to avoid hazards like falling to your death, flying into owls, having spiders land on you, and being chased by an abominable snow man in order to save Santa.

Elf Rescue features charming graphics, however Aava's incessant “la la la, la la la, la la laa la laa” of Jingle Bells quickly made me go back to the title screen in order to mute the game's sound after just two minutes of playing.

Each of the levels are short, which makes Elf Rescue the perfect length while waiting in line at a store. However the game's brevity plays against itself though: it took me less than then ten minutes to breeze through the game's ten quick levels.

The real challenge in Elf Rescue lies in collecting all of the presents in each of the levels. Calling this feat difficult would be an understatement. Figuring out how to get all of the presents isn't that challenging, however the game requires perfect timing which is exacerbated by painstakingly brutal controls that can lead children to giving up in frustration.

While the game does feature leaderboards, there's no traditional multiplayer modes. With such an insufficient amount of stages to play, there's little reason to keep players coming back to Elf Rescue.

Elf Rescue is available for $0.99 from iTunes for iPhone and iPad.

For more information about the game, visit

Please note that this article was based off a free review copy of the game.

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