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Review of Beautiful Ugly by Shelia Lipsey

Beautiful Ugly
Beautiful Ugly

Beautiful Ugly by Sheila E. Lipsey is a story of three women who’ve known each other since college. Envy, Layla, and Kacie are three women who equate outward beauty with true beauty. For that reason the title of this book is appropriate.

After facing a myriad of crises between the three of them in the end they eventually find that God sees the beauty inside each of them.

This book starts out very slowly. Several times I wanted to put it down and I honestly only continued reading because I knew that I had to write a review. I wanted to know and care about Envy, Layla, and Kacie unfortunately the book did not allow the opportunity for that to occur. I feel if the author had spent more time on each person individually then that would have helped. Instead their lives were intertwined in an almost confusing manner.

My other source of confusion happened several time in this book due to the author changing things that had previously been written. At one point in the book she mentions an event that happened to Envy at fifteen years old, then later it changes to thirteen years old. In a shameless plug the characters plan to attend the new stage play Sinsatiable which is another title by this author. In the next chapter, Sinsatiable is referred to as a movie. There are other instances but to include them all would spoil the book for other readers.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for a story of women struggling with self esteem issues who eventually turn to God. If you are facing self esteem issues it also could be helpful to hear God’s message to these women and apply it in your own life.