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Review: 'NES Remix'

NES Remix
NES Remix

Nintendo is finally putting its vast catalogue of retro video games to good use by remixing NES classics into mini-game like challenges. NES Remix is a fresh and unique idea that puts 16 NES titles through a transformation resulting in addicting challenges that will test gamers’ skills, reflexes, and wits.

If you believe you have mastered Super Mario Bros., think again because NES Remix is about to teach you a lesson and evaluate your gaming talents.

Those familiar with the Wario-Ware titles will find the structure of NES Remix similar to that of 9-Volt and his micro-games. Each NES game is diced into small portions with each stage highlighting a certain element of the respective title. For example, an Excitebike stage may have you knock a set number of riders off their bikes, or you may have to earn a set number of 1-Ups by jumping on a Koopa shell in a Super Mario Bros. stage.

Many of the stage challenges take a few seconds to complete, but some have a time limitation and this can create some tension as you try to perform well under pressure.

Each stage has a three-star scoring system that is based on how fast you completed the challenge and other factors. Beating a stage quickly and efficiently will earn you a three-star rainbow ranking – the highest rank possible. Stars unlock new stages, new NES games, and stamps for Miiverse posts. There is a lot to unlock in NES Remix so completionist will be busy for some time.

While performing tasks in various NES titles is entertaining, the game truly shines in the remix challenge stages. Remixed levels take familiar ideas but presents them with a twist. An example of this would be playing as Luigi and rescuing Mario in Donkey Kong, playing as Link and completing the first level from Donkey Kong, or finishing a race of Excitebike in total darkness. The remixed stages and challenges are the highlight of NES Remix.

They may be based on old games, but the idea is new, the challenges refreshing, and playing them is thrilling.

Unfortunately, there is no online multiplayer nor are there any online leaderboards. The game’s entire online component is built around Miiverse where players can share their challenge times and scores along with stamps or drawings which will randomly appear to the corresponding challenge. It would have been nice to see leaderboards since the game conveys an arcade feel.

Lastly, all of the NES titles play just as they did on the NES. Not all the titles have aged gracefully, like Ice Climbers, so some frustrating controls and mechanics remain present, but that adds to the retro-style challenge.

NES Remix is a fun downloadable title that gives the player a chance to relive their classic gaming moments. Priced at $14.99, the title offers enough content to justify the price. Retro gaming fans will be thoroughly entertained with NES Remix. Hopefully Nintendo considers releasing a SNES Remix in the near future.

Overall: 8.0/10

(Editor’s Note: A download code was provided by Nintendo for review purpose.)

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