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Review: Lush Cosmetics Fresh Face Masks in Oatifix

Oatifix fresh face mask by Lush Cosmetics
Esperanza Dodge

I really love Lush Cosmetics as they sell all natural, handmade products for your face and body. They have goodies for the bath, for your skin, for your hair, cosmetics, deodorant, shave cream and the list goes on and on. The prices reflect the quality of the product. High quality means not so cheap in price. You basically get what you pay for. But the best value for the money by far has to be the fresh face masks that come in a variety of fun, yummy smelling combinations that use fresh ingredients like yogurt, chocolate, oats, eggs, papaya, blueberries, tea tree oil and more. Sacred Truth has to be my favorite but when my skin is sensitive, like it usually is, I go with Oatifix. It has oats and bananas and smells so good. It leaves my skin feeling pump, soft and hydrated. Best of all, it is only $6.95 and usually lasts me 3-4 masks worth, meaning I pay around $2 for each face mask. This is definitely a steal! Couple this with a spa day at home and you're set!

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