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Review: Lenny's Pizzeria

John Travolta put Brooklyn's Lenny's Pizza on the map in Saturday Night Fever
John Travolta put Brooklyn's Lenny's Pizza on the map in Saturday Night Fever
Lenny's Pizza

You may not have ever been to Lenny's Pizza in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, but you know someone who has. Kind of. Lenny's was made famous by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Brooklyn bad boy Tony Manero, in the midst of strutting his stuff with a pair of paint cans, stops for two slices which he sandwiches together and crams in his mouth. It's the stuff that makes you crave a slice. Next time it hits, satisfy it at Lenny's.

Located on the bustling shopping mecca that is Bensonhurst's 86th Street, Lenny's is a fan favorite in the Brooklyn neighborhood. While the area's Italian immigrants have mostly moved out, the influx of new residents flood the window waiting for pizza and Italian ices to wash it down with. The traditional round pizza is really good. It's a traditional Brooklyn-style pie that purists will appreciate for it's delicious simplicity: dough, sauce, cheese cooked hot enough to produce a golden brown crust that doesn't crunch, but isn't soggy. The good stuff here, though, is the Grandpa pie. A Grandma in theory - thin, square crust with fresh mozzarella and minimal sauce - but bumped up a notch with the addition of gooey ricotta cheese. They offer a great Whole Wheat Margherita with Grilled Vegetables for those that are looking for a healthier spin on dinner. The specialty buffalo chicken pie loaded with spicy chicken and blue cheese is not to miss if you like the bar food/pizza hybrid combos. Most of the specialty pies are available by the slice, so if you're dining in - peruse the vintage pics of Travolta while you're there - you can sample a variety easily. Hot and cold heroes are equally delicious and pasta dishes are surprisingly satisfying for pizzeria food. Be sure to order a rice ball - it's one of Brooklyn's best.

1969 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214
(718) 946-1292