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Review: Leef Access MicroSD card reader adds storage to your Android Phone.

Android phones come packed with tons of gigabytes, but not all of them come with MicroSD card slots anymore to add more storage. Sure the box might say a phone has 32GB, but once you set it up, format it, add a few apps, you'll probably be down in the mid 20's. Music, photos, videos and games will take a nice chunk out of the rest of that storage pool. Leef has a potential solution to help you manage your storage while on the go.

A handy little card reader to add storage to your Android phone!
Juan Carlos Bagnell

The Access is a small card reader, a bit smaller than my thumb, with a MicroUSB plug on one end and a pair of MicroSD card slots on the other. The Access can store one card and read another at the same time. If you have a pair of memory cards, you can easily keep them with you. Cards click into place nice and securely, and then plugging the reader into your phone will show up in your phone's file explorer as USB storage.

It's compatible with any Android phone which supports OTG connections, often Android phones with 4.0 or newer will work with the Access. Hopefully we'll see support soon for Windows Phones once the 8.1 update is released later next month. Data transfer speeds are quick, easily able to play through high quality HD videos, scanning and fast forwarding through a movie with practically zero skipping or stuttering.

It's a handy solution for managing your storage. Say you've filled up your phone with vacation pics and videos, you can store them or back them up on a MicroSD card instead of needing to transfer them over to a laptop.

It's also a pretty cost effective solution. Including shipping the Leef Access will run you just under $15. You can find more info on, and hit the related video to see the Access in action!

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