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Review: Laica Mineralbalance Water Filtration System

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Households either have a water filtration system or purchase water bottles/gallons – or both, as I do. It’s a little known fact though, that filter systems strip your tap water from essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. Last week, I was gifted the Laica Mineralbalance Water Filtration System. An Italian made water filtration jug that does not remove these (and other) minerals.

My first impression was how much I liked the design of the container. When you think of a water filter jug, you think bulky and unpleasant. But the Laica Mineralbalance container is very chic and thin – not bulky whatsoever. Its thin size allows it to easily fit in the refrigerator.

After carefully following the instructions, I conducted a taste test. I could already taste the difference between regular tap water and water from the Laica Mineralbalance Water Filtration System, but could my friends? Yes, and Laica’s water was the winner!

Water from the Laica Mineralbalance container tastes soft and clean. It does not have that odd sour taste that tap water has. Nor does it leave an uncomfortable after-taste. It’s perfect for both every day drinking and cooking.

Bottom line – is the Laica Mineralbalance Water Filtration System worth it? Oh, very much so! Let’s do the math:

Laica Mineralbalance Water Filtration System is available for purchase at Amazon for $29.99 and it comes with a filter cartridge that lasts about 2 months. Filter cartridges are available in packs of three for about $34 at Amazon. Those might sounds like high numbers, but how often to do purchase water bottles/gallons? More than likely, every week, and let’s hope you’re recycling all that plastic. And regular water filters not only range around that price, but remove minerals. The best choice is obvious.

To learn more about Laica Mineralbalance, check them out online.