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Review: L’Oreal Pop Balm and Glossy Balm crayon

L'Oreal Paris' Pop Balm and Gloss Balm
L'Oreal Paris' Pop Balm and Gloss Balm
Sandra Perez

The next generation of lip balm? That’s what L’Oreal is calling their new Pop Balm line that they kicked off in the beginning of summer. Included in my L’Oreal goodie box, I was sent the L’Oreal Paris Pop Balm in the shade of Wild Lily, and L’Oreal Paris Glossy Balm in the shade of Ginger Candy.

Let’s start with the Pop Balm. First off, I love the packaging and the color that they sent me – pinks are my favorites! Wild Lily is like a bubble gum pink. The formula contains jojoba and shea butter, claiming to hydrate your lips for eight hours. Did it? Almost. The color faded away after about 4-5 hours. The hydration felt like it disappeared an hour or two after that. I think those are still great results, it didn’t feel like a dry lipstick or wanna-be balm at all.

Before the Pop Balm, my go to balm with a hint of tint was Maybelline’s Baby Lips line. Now, I’m sticking with the Pop Balm. Not only is the price of the two products comparable, but the color on the Pop Balm’s lasts a lot longer than Baby Lips.

I have to say though, don’t expect to see the same color on your lips that you see on the tube. The Pop Balm’s look very pigmented, but that doesn’t translate on to the lips – so do expect to get a color about two shades lighter on your lips.

Moving on to the Glossy Balm in the shade of Ginger Candy! I loved this shade. I don’t feel like it changed the color of my lips much. All it did was provide a pick-me-up look by enhancing my lip color and giving me shine.

What surprised me about my Glossy Balm is how long the wear lasted. For a lip gloss, I was expecting it to fade after 2 hours or less, but I’m happy to say that it lasted much longer. Also a plus is that you won’t need a sharpener for these, simply twist for more.

I look forward to trying out different shades for both of these products. Mostly for the Pop Balm’s though, my favorite of the two.

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