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Review: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

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L’Oreal graciously sent a box of L’Oreal goodies my way earlier last month. I have already reviewed my experience with L’Oreal’s Revitalift Moisture Blur and L’Oreal’s Youth Code Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher. Now, I’m going to rave about how much I loved L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Mascara.

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Are you one of those girls who must apply at least two different types of mascara to be satisfied with the results? Not to mention, several coats of those two mascaras. Sometimes, we’re not thrilled with the results, but we settle. Will L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Mascara change this tedious ritual? It sure did for me!

I can honestly say that I love this product. I keep saying that I will only use it for days I go out but have been using it every single day since I first tried it out – even when I have no plans for the day. The L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara isn’t a “new” product. It has been on shelves since the beginning of summer, but I don’t think it’s getting the attention it deserves.

This mascara features a flexible wand that might look a bit complicated at first, but the application process is no different. One downside that I did find is that you have to be very careful not to get any on your upper lid; the formula is really wet and might splash. This happened to me the first two or three times I used it, but I quickly got the hang of it.

When I used it, I was happy after two coats. That’s all it takes for beautiful long lashes. The mascara is very lightweight and lasts all day! Even during these hot (and sweaty) days, Miss Manga Mascara stayed neatly on my lashes. Another thing I love about it is since it lasted all day, I thought it would be difficult to wash off – rest assured that it isn’t! I removed it with my regular face wipes that I use every night.

For many, this has become their favorite mascara. For others, well they haven’t discovered it yet. Check out L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Mascara at your local mass retailer!