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Review: Kohler Moxie bluetooth showerhead, touch free flush and LED nightlight

Moxie showerhead
Moxie showerhead

Kohler is known for its amazing bathroom and kitchen appliances, but they also have products that assist you in everyday life in ways you didn't know could be beneficial to your health. To be healthy is to be beautiful. The LED nightlight toilet seat makes it possible to use the restroom in the middle of the night without turning on the bright bathroom light, thus making you squint and making it harder to get back to your important sleep. The nightlight can be turned on right before you go to sleep and it stays on for 7 hours and turns itself off automatically so as not to waste battery. The gentle blue light will make it possible for you to see without hurting your eyes or impacting your sleep.

The touch free flush is amazing at preventing germ spread. Who knows how many germs linger on the flush handle! Now that can be a worry of the past as the super easy to install flusher makes it possible to flush your toilet with a swipe of your hand.

Now to get to the Moxie bluetooth showerhead! You will never have so much fun pampering yourself in the shower or in a bath. The magnetic speaker charges via USB and slips easily into the showerhead. The showerhead has a built in filter, making the water very soft and easy on skin and hair. You can listen to your favorite morning show or artist from right over your head in amazing quality while you lather up and apply your favorite beauty products.