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Review: Karpov's Best Games: Volume 4


This DVD is a throwback to the days when chess video production was only available on VHS. In other words, it was initially created for distribution on VHS tape and has since been updated to a DVD format. Thus, on one hand, any serious analysis of the games of former world champion Anatoly Karpov is bound to be instructive. On the other hand, the method in which the instruction is accomplished impacts its effectiveness.

The video begins with footage from the opening ceremony of the Karpov-Kamsky match. However, the initial video appearance is very grainy and the quality is quite poor. This is unnecessary, particularly for a DVD that’s only about ninety-five minutes long. It would be better to have more instruction and less pomp and circumstance.

Once the actual presentation begins, the video is clear, but modern viewers may be taken aback by the fact that the games are presented with a large felt demonstration board. This was before the days of technological advantages of the DVD format. Therefore, it is not easy to move around to various portions of the DVD, and there are no extra clickable sections to play.

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