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Review Jonah Hex

Not the best western
Not the best western

Comic book films have become some of the best that multiplexes have to offer over the last five years and have become the cash cow of the industry. Yet, films like Jonah Hex set back the genre a couple of years.

Jonah Hex has a great many problems most of which started before the film even began with Neveldine and Taylor stepping  down from directing due to creative differences. These creative differences know doubt had to due with the producers wanting a PG-13 rating. That is not Neveldine and Taylor's, directors of the Crank franchise and Gamer, preferred rating. 

With the original directors out, in stepped Jimmy Hayward, the man behind Horton Hears a Who. This is the films biggest weakness. His specialty is animation and he has only directed one film. He was in way over his head with Jonah Hex.

The performances were incredibly weak all across the board. Megan Fox is horrendous while attempting a southern accent and pretending to be a tough prostitute. John Malkovich feels like he is hating every minute on set while Michael Fassbender tries to have fun with his part even though he is not frightening at all.

That said, Josh Brolin does do an admirable job with the title character even though it has about as much depth as a bathtub. He shoots out on liners and really is not even like the character from the comic book.

The action is boringly staged with only the explosion of a train being worthy of mention. Most of the action deals with the new weapon that has been created that is being used to destroy America.

Jonah Hex was obviously written with the current war on terrorism in mind. Malkovich's character is a comic version of Bin Laden who looks to wield a war on America while Hex becomes the only man whom can stop him. The only problem is both Malkovich and the film fall way short.


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