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Review: Joby Products. Portable Tripods and Phone Stands.

Review: Joby Products. Portable Tripods and Phone Stands.
Review: Joby Products. Portable Tripods and Phone Stands.

The selfie is everywhere it seems, but those photos taken with your arm outreached aren’t always the most flattering. It’s time to take your smartphone photography to a whole new level with Joby’s portable tripods and phone stands.

If you need to attach your phone to an uneven surface, say a machine at the gym or a pole for taking angled photos, then the MPod Mini Stand ($14.95) is your best bet. It’s compact yet sturdy, and has a flexible design and movable joints for adjusting to the perfect angle. A clamp holds your phone in horizontal place whether you’re shooting your own video or watching one on YouTube.

Need something bigger for even more angling and adjusting options? The JobyGripTight GorillaPod ($29.95) has over 24 grippy leg joints and can bend and rotate your phone 360 degrees. It easily grips on to your device and can be securely fastened to almost anything, whether that’s a tree or a chair leg. No more blurry, wobbly photos (and the photographer will never have to feel left out of a group shot again).

We all know the smartphone isn’t just a camera, though. It’s also your source of news, entertainment and of course, communications. The hands-free Joby GripTight Micro Stand ($29.95) allows you to set up your phone as a mini TV screen anywhere you go. Perfect for Face Timing at your desk, watching Netflix movies or swiping through today’s top stories with ease, this tiny little lightweight stand folds up to fit in your pocket. But don’t think for a second that it’s flimsy. Designed with durable zinc alloy legs and a machined mini ballhead, it’s very sturdy and dependable.

Stepping outside the smartphone world for a moment, Joby has another product that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without: the GorillaTorch ($29.95). It’s similar to the GorillaPod with bendable legs, but instead of holding your phone, it holds a focused and intense flashlight. A hands-free flashlight that you can mount anywhere is going to be a lifesaver in so many situations. Need to light your campsite? What about on the side of the road when you need to change a flat tire at night? Or at home during the next power outage? Kudos to Joby for such a genius product that every household and outdoor adventurer needs to have on hand.