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Review: Inside Job

Greed Runs Deep
Greed Runs Deep

We all know about the 2008 financial meltdown the United States went through and the millions of people it put out of work. It became the worst recession since the Great Depression and nearly caused a global financial collapse. Inside Job goes deep in to showing the signs of greed that would get us in to this mess and how in 2008, it all came crumbling down. Narrated by Matt Damon and directed by Charles Ferguson (No End In Sight), this documentary puts all of the pieces and players together and gives you the answers on where to put your fear, rage, disappointment and blame.

By now, most of us understand that corruption is a part of everyday life. Unfortunately, we know it can be found anywhere, especially on Wall Street and Capital Hill. Ferguson shows you how horrible it is and when corruption strikes, it is mainly ignored until it is too late. To tell the story of the economic crisis in 2008, Ferguson interviews academics, journalists, politicians, and key insiders and uses his extensive research to make a specific, point-driven argument. And you do not have to know the lingo on Wall Street or understand how it works to get what is happening and understand the stealing that is going on. Ferguson puts it in to simple terms so you know how bad “normal” people are getting screwed.

He splits the film in to five parts. The first part is how we got to the point of creating this financial crisis. The second part is “The Bubble.” It is the point where these top guys with suits and the institutions they run are about to fall off the edge and there is no going back. Of course, the next part is when they do fall of the edge. In 2008, all the ego and greed caught up with them, and the rest is history. The fourth part is who should we hold accountable. Who must get the finger-pointing and be held responsible and it is not just one person by any means. The last part is what can we do as we move forward. What does the future hold for all of the citizens in the U.S.? Only time will tell.

Inside Job provides great information and insight in to one of the biggest downfalls of our time. Ferguson wants to get an emotional reaction from the audience, and most of us will have a problem with how our country operates and who is doing the operating. It is not about being a Democrat or Republican. This is a subject that affects us all and we all had to suffer because of others stupidity. This documentary is a real horror film. The fact that this stuff goes on every day is sickening and it just gets worse and worse. The mistakes that were made, no one learns from them. It is just about making more and more money and there seems to be no slowing down.

But just like Waiting for “Superman”, Inside Job is trying to make a difference in this country by showing us our weaknesses so we can fix them and become stronger than we were. People just need to see documentaries such as these and it may be tough to watch or hear, but the truth hurts.