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Review: Influenster’s Vow VoxBox

I was very surprised walking out my door to find an Influenster VoxBox on my doorstep. Not because I was not expecting it, but I didn’t know what it was. Influenster? That sounded familiar. Do I have to pay for this? No, I think these are the ones that are free, but did I sign up for this? How do they know my address? I went to their website and asked for my password because I had no idea what it was. Once I logged it, I checked my profile and turns out I signed up almost a year ago on October 2013! Better late than ever?

Review: Influenster’s Vow VoxBox -slide0
Sandra Perez
Review: Influenster’s Vow VoxBox
Sandra Perez

So indeed it was a nice little surprise, who doesn’t love free stuff? I just wonder what took so long or what their process is to select people. Anyway, here’s a recap of everything that came in the Influenster box, which this month is called ‘Vow VoxBox.’ I’ll follow up later with a review of the items individually, once I use them.

There were five items; the first is Pure Silk Raspberry Mist Shave Cream. I hope I love this product, because with summer in full swing, smooth legs are a must!

Next there’s a Tide To-Go Pen. This isn’t a brand new product; I’ve seen it around but never thought of buying one. I won’t follow up with a review for this item. I already used it and it worked really well. My baby got a pureed carrots stain, just as we were about to head out the door. With no time to change him, I remembered I had the Tide Pen and used it. Awesome results, it’s like nothing happened. I do think you have to use it within the first 3-4 minutes the stain happens though, before it settles on the clothes.

The Sally Hansen Salon Polish in a baby blue shade was also included. Sally Hansen is known to be a pricey brand, so I’m expecting good results! I’ll try it out this week and share my results. The color is really cute so I hope it works out.

An Eco Tools Facial Sponge is another item. I’ve never tried this brand before and my current cleansing routine is working just fine for me, so we’ll see how it goes.

Finally, there was an Olay Tone Perfecting Moisturizer. As I said above, I love my current cleansing routine, so I’m not too excited about changing moisturizers. Olay is not a brand I ever think of purchasing because, frankly, I think of older women using this. I did already try it though and it is pretty moisturizing. While it’s a good product, it’s not worth changing my routing at the moment though.

Check out photos of each item in the slideshow attached to this article. Receiving this was fun, I hope I qualify for the next Influenster Box!