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Review: History Decoded,The 10 Greatest Conspriacies of All Time by Brad Meltzer

There are history buffs and then there are history buffs like Brad Meltzer who are obsessed with finding those little gems among all the clutter in the history books.

Brad Meltzer creator of the popular series, History Decoded
Photo by Andy Kropa/Getty Images

Meltzer normally can be found writing great thrillers like 'The Fifth Assassin,' and his new series,with titles like, 'I Am Lincoln,' and 'I Am Amelia Earhart', designed to teach children history but in his down time he also likes to dabble into the mystery of World history. Meltzer doesn't immerse himself in everyday history, he likes to delve into the truth behind the worlds great conspiracies like the Kennedy assassination.

When approached,he created 'History Decoded' the show for the History Channel, a 'Myth Busters' type show but for history. Each week on the show Meltzer and his team of Buddy Levy, Christine McKinley and Scott Rolle become pseudo detectives as they delve into that weeks chosen conspiracy. Their goal as Meltzer says is to explore, "some of the greatest conspiracies (and myths) that history has to offer,

Now Meltzer has taken the information he's gathered for each episode of his television series and compacted it into a book of course entitled, 'History Decoded', which as the back cover says counts, "down the world's most intriguing stories - the great conspiracies from Leonardo da Vinci's stolen prophecy to the Kennedy assassination."

Each of the ten chapters, done in a countdown format 10, 9, 8, present a conspiracy, which Meltzer and his team then try to prove or disprove using the evidence at hand. Though let the reader beware because there are certain times in the book where it appears Meltzer manipulates the facts in order lure the reader into accepting his point of view. However don't let that deter your from reading the book because 'History Decoded' is a good starting point for any history or conspiracy buff,

Any fans of the History Channel show will find no new revelations put forth in the book but at the same time the book holds its own ground as it offers in written form the information put forth in each episode of the television show. The book also contains some really cool envelopes which contain removable facsimile documents for each of the ten conspiracies;for John Wilkes Booth, the envelope contains a wanted poster and a letter written by Booth.

Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company (October 20, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0761177450
ISBN-13: 978-0761177456

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