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Review: Heavy Rain: A true masterpiece of gaming


Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream and Sony teased the world with Heavy Rain several years ago. Showing amazing graphics at the time, Heavy Rain quickly became hyped among gamers. As time went on, the game vanished from the sight of gamers everywhere and everyone was left to wonder what happened with the title. When the title resurfaced two years later, it had undergone some changes. Different characters and a completely new concept for the game were introduced, and Heavy Rain as we know it today was born.

Video games offer people experiences that no other form of entertainment can currently offer. While movies allow you to watch an epic story be told, video games let you take the role and control of the main character and, thus, ultimately change the outcome of the story. Gaming has numerous genres, different forms of execution, shooters, saving the world from evil, power-up systems, items to collect, and either completing the game's story or seeing the infamous 'Game Over' screen. What if you were asked to take everything you know about video games and throw that concept out the window?

If you can fathom that idea, then you'll be better able to understand the concept that is Heavy Rain. Transcending genres and redefining gaming as a whole, Heavy Rain can't be classified in a certain genre of gaming, nor can it properly be classified as game, either. Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain isn't a game in the traditional sense, it is instead an experience that neither video game nor movie has ever delivered. Pushing the limits of storytelling, emotions, character development, and game design as a whole, Heavy Rain is something that has to be experienced fully to truly comprehend.

Heavy Rain

What Quantic Dream wanted to accomplish with Heavy Rain was to offer a video game experience like no other, and, we are happy to say, they succeeded in their mission. We have seen games use the concept of having the player make choices that will change the outcome of the game, but they pale in comparison to what Quantic Dream accomplished here.

The decisions you make here aren't some petty morality choices that will give you an extra boost of health or magic, the choices you make in Heavy Rain will alter how the game progresses, what happens, and how it happens. Unlike previous titles that feature those menial questions, Heavy Rain presents intense and tough choices. Some of the choices may seem like the best option at first glance, but, perhaps when you see the outcome of that choice, you may regret making it.

On the surface, Heavy Rain is essentially about solving the mystery of the Origami Killer. Four main characters are all doing their own thing to solve this mystery, each with their own reasons. Each of them has their own segments of the game and they play in differently. Depending on how you the play the game, the amount of times you play as each character and how their story will progress will vary based on previous choices. Everything you do can and will change something in the game. At first, it may not be apparent to you, but eventually light will shed on that subject matter and you'll be stunned by it.

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  • tonight 5 years ago

    Can't even load my saved game. Just blackscreens me and there is nothing I can do to avoid it. I really want to play this game, but not if this is the result everytime I try and load it up.

  • Ringpull 5 years ago

    just got the game 2day put it in ps3 and had to get the update
    and now i get "Registration of Trophy information could not be completed. The game will quit"
    and now i cannot get online
    error code 8001050F

  • rob 5 years ago

    It won't load because there has been an error with the trophy collection.

  • matt 5 years ago

    i didnt get my trophy!!!