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Review: Healing Thru Food with Dori Friedberg

Healing Thru Food

Healing Thru Food may be one of the best discoveries that could happen to you. Nutrition Coach Dori Friedberg, BA, NE, FPC, is truly one of a kind, and she makes it her mission to change your life. If you are looking for someone to point you in the right direction, and tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong with your diet, with no judgment then Dori is the woman for you. She does not sugar coat things, and makes things easy to understand and do yourself. She answers emails promptly and walks you through every step of the way to health and healing.

After scheduling a free consultation with Dori, you can expect to be sent some light paperwork and 3-day food journal to fill out for her to review. You will then get feedback, and start your journey. She takes everything into consideration; you’re health status, any medications you are on, your goals, your preferred diet and more. She favors plant based diets, but respects your personal food preference. However, she will show you yummy foods that are Gluten free, GMO free, organic and just all around clean!

You will learn how to cook things you never knew about before (she even provides yummy recipes!), you’ll learn about supplements you never knew could benefit you (yes, there is more than a daily multivitamin!) and you’ll make a new friend. All phone meetings with Dori are a pleasure and she’s very personable and fun, and takes cravings and habits into account. Each food that you enjoy eating, Dori finds a healthy alternative. She takes your location into account, making sure that you can access the foods she suggests. She is truly an all around amazing coach and partner in health. You can schedule a free phone consultation with Dori by visiting her website at You can also like her page on Facebook. Contact Dori and find out what food can do for you!

5/5 stars!

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