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Review: FreshBod: The 7-day challenge: Part 2


We ended the first part of this 2-part series thusly;

So far, your Fort Worth, Texas Culture Examiner is really impressed with FreshBod and the fun-loving attitude's of its founders, Mitchell and Thomas. It's not enough, however.

What is enough for our taste, is the 7-day no-showering test the we are currently putting FreshBod through. Right now, we are on day two. However, we will be providing more information about the challenge, along with the results at the end of the seventh day.

What we did not do was share the details of the challenge. So, here they are.

Your Fort Worth Pop Culture Examiner had stopped bathing/showering for a period of seven days.


So, that we could hail the awesomeness of FreshBod. We expected that it would fare well and it did.

More details?

For the period of this past week, we have only used FreshBod as a touch up and queried those who are closest for freshness checks. Granted, this product does not effect your perfume. Hence, we continued to use our favorite essence, "Light Blue."

At some point, during the fourth day, we noticed a slightly odoriferous heinousness and we applied the spray accordingly. The problem dissipated. The cheesy dampness did not dissipate. However, FreshBod is not meant to handle that issue.

We had to re-apply FreshBod for the duration of the week and on the sixth day, we realized that we would have to shower in something to handle the funk. But, there was no overwhelming.

Otherwise, we were fine. No complaints. No dead flowers. The cat still loves us and is not otherwise intrigued.

Final analysis?

We love it.

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