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Review: FreshBod: Part 1


The FreshBod home page states that we should "Don't Sweat the Sweat," and upon having learned of this product, we were immediately intrigued. The bottle is an attractively packaged spray bottle with a lovely gray and blue label.

The smell? Fresh, delightful, clean and faint.

The FreshBod concept was started by two busy career-women and entrepreneurs, Erica Thomas and Tisha Mitchell, who tested several formula's before coming up with this proprietary blend of oxidants and neutralizers.

There are so many of us for whom showering and/or bathing can quickly become a luxury.


Those who are;

  • Camping
  • Constantly pulling double work shifts
  • Fresh from surgery and apprehensive about the cleansing process
  • New mothers
  • Sanitation workers
  • The physically disabled
  • Truckers

Enter FresBod. FreshBod cleanses and eliminates odor-causing bacteria with the gentle application of 2-4 hits. It doesn't mask those nasal unkindnesses. It kills them. It is also 100% guaranteed to work, will not stain your cloths, can be purchased from, is comprised of all natural ingredients, can replace your current under-arm deodorant, is aluminum and paraben-free, won't interfere with your favorite fragrance or prevent you from getting dressed immediately after applying, odorless and colorless, environmentally friendly, has a strict no-cruelty policy and will never be tested on helpless animals and is proven effective to eradicate the worst that our bodies (and feet) have to offer.

What else?

You can safely apply FreshBod to any unfresh area. Nice!

So far, your Fort Worth Pop Culture Examiner is really impressed with FreshBod and the fun-loving attitudes of its founders, Mitchell and Thomas. It's not enough, however.

What is enough for our taste, is the 7-day no-showering test the we are currently putting FreshBod through. Right now, we are on day two. However, we will be providing more information about the challenge, along with the results at the end of the seventh day.

Please, stay tuned.

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