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Review: "Foreclosure of a Dream" by Megadeth

Megadeth's "Foreclosure of a Dream"
Megadeth's "Foreclosure of a Dream"
(Capitol Records)

          This is a 4-song E.P. that was released in 1992 by Capitol Records and has a total running time of 21:20. All four tracks come from their album, "Countdown to Extinction." If you have any money (unlike me!) and feel like padding your cd collection, here's what you're gonna get:

1. Foreclosure of a Dream (4:17).

2. Symphony of Destruction (9:00).

3. Skin O' My Teeth...Live (4:03).

4. Foreclosure of a Dream...Edit (4:00).

           Info. on Megadeth, as of 2009/2010, can be found by checking out