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Review: Family Suite at Great Wolf Lodge for your Stay

Magiquest at Great Wolf Lodge
Magiquest at Great Wolf Lodge
Mandy Robinson

When staying at Great Wolf Lodge, there are a lot of options to choose from for a room. We have stayed in the Wolf Den room at Grapevine before so on our recent stay we decided to check out the Family Suite. This room is the cheapest option for rooms and sleeps up to six people.

This stay was in Kansas City, but most Great Wolf Lodge's will have the same style of rooms. The room we stayed in had a nice balcony outside. It would have been perfect in the summer, but it was winter so we didn't get to enjoy it. This looked to the outside and is not over the water park inside.

The Family Suite had two queen size beds and one couch that folded down into a bed. The couch and beds have a small half wall between them so whoever has the couch does get a little bit of privacy. There is only one television in the room where other rooms have two.

This room was fine for our family of four. You could put six in here if everyone doesn't mind sleeping with someone. There is a nice size refrigerator in the room for your drinks and even a microwave. If you are looking for privacy and a special area for kids, this is not the room for you. The Family Suite was perfect if you are just wanting a place to sleep while you are enjoying time at the water park and doing MagiQuest all day long.

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