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Review: EA Sports MMA Wins by TKO

PS3 Cover of EA Sports MMA
PS3 Cover of EA Sports MMA
EA Sports/Games Press

A while back, EA Sports announced they were going to enter the digital cage and go head-to-head against THQ's "UFC 2010: Unleashed" with "EA Sports MMA." Since this is the first game in EA's new venture, does it have the muster to stand up to "Unleashed?"

The game is not only a formidable opponent, but it wins...easily. While "Unleashed" has the glitz and glamour down, "EA Sports MMA"controls better while having graphics on par with "Unleashed," which makes it the better game.

Taking a page from its boxing cousin, "Fight Night Round 4," "EA MMA" uses the right analog stick to perform attacks with tweaks made by the shoulder buttons. The face buttons initiate grapples, guards and submissions. Overall, the controls are much tighter and easier to use than "Unleashed." The biggest complaint I had with the "Unleased" series was the ground game. It required swinging the analog stick in circles to move around. In "EA MMA," you just use the face buttons. It is so much easier to control your characters, but that does not mean the game suffers for it. Opponents are just as hard to escape from as always.

Submissions, though, happen too frequently and are very hard to escape. I think this could be fixed in the next game (or maybe an update) by making it harder to initiate the grapple based off the wealth of statistics "EA MMA" provides. Use those stats for a reason.

While story mode is very standard for this type of, it is more engaging than a Uwe Boll movie. Legend Bas Rutten follows your created fighter on his journey to the top of the MMA ranks. Learn new moves and combos by visiting other gyms. The minigames included within each gym make it more entertaining., keeping it from being duller than Bingo night with Grandma (Not like I've been on any).

When I think of an MMA game, I think of "EA Sports MMA."

Score: 9.5/10

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