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Review: CW-X Compression Pants

Review: CW-X Compression Pants

Apparel that can make you perform better and recover faster? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not.

CW-X is a line of scientifically-engineered performance wear designed to boost performance and recovery. The most popular choice of runners are the CW-X tights, a splurge at $90 to $170 but for those who run daily, well worth it.

Made with a blend of CoolMax and lycra, the tights are able to hold their shape. The first thing you’ll notice about these leggings is how much they, well, compress – your legs will look slimmer and firmer immediately. But we all know it’s not just about aesthetics. How do these things actually work? The answer is that they result in less energy expenditure than running in regular tights or shorts. That’s because you the tights are designed to support the the hips, knees and ankles into proper alignment, which reduces impact on the legs. With more efficient strides, your muscles don’t have to work as hard over time and your legs will feel fresher.

CW-X uses a conditioning web, which provides targeted support to specific areas of muscle groups and joints, and acts like an athletic trainer’s taping job. This provides performance benefits through improved muscle efficiency, and warm-up and recovery benefits through improved circulation. It’s also patented world wide, so CW-X is the only brand with the Conditioning Web.

Despite their compressing powers, CW-X tights are actually quite comfortable and breathable. Use the tight selector tool on their website to discover which tights are best for you based on the activity, or which body part you need compression the most. You can even choose from “ventilator” or “insulator” materials, so you can be warmer or colder depending on the season or where you live.

Even if you don’t run in your CW-X tights every day, simply putting them on after a tough workout can help your muscles. And if you have an injury, wearing them will give your body the added support you need to get better faster.