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REVIEW: 'Circus Oz' is a wild, zany, musical journey the Australian way

Direct from Australia and built for all ages, ‘Circus Oz’ makes a wild, zany, musical journey to the Shubert Theatre, 270 Tremont Street in Boston, Massachusetts from Wednesday, February 19 through Sunday, February 23.

This high energy show depicts an amusing take off of the famous photo 'Lunch atop a Skyscraper' by Charles C. Ebbets.
'Circus Oz' theme is 'From the Ground Up'

Unlike any ordinary circus one can imagine, this all human circus troupe has comedic skills not just for kids, chock full of astounding, death defying feats, fascinating, unusual sights, and a live band set right on the stage! Click here for more information and visit for more on Circus Oz.

Before the show, the crew warmed up the crowd by visiting audience members, performing improvisational acts such as mock painting the chairs in the aisles and doing handstands on the seats. The circus crew is charismatic, speaking with charming Australian accents as they balance everything from orange construction cones to hats!

Taking an amusing approach to the famous photo, ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’ by Charles C. Ebbets, the stage is set as a “building site,” full of bright, colorful, construction pieces, primarily in red, one of Australia’s national colors. Dressed in lively construction hats and outfits with a matching red strewn throughout their clothes, ‘Circus Oz’ takes on their theme, ‘From the Ground Up’ in every possible way.

A human trapeze, bendable poles, balancing acts, baton twirling, stunning acrobatics, and a giggling food juggler are just a few of the profound acts that set the stage, as audience members watch on in surprised amazement. As magical as it is musical, this high-energy show boats a live band on stage as the circus crew dances and show off their musical skills in a surprising way. Other highlights include humorous antics from unconventional clowns to a mullet-haired grinner. Check out the slideshow for a closer look.

‘Circus Oz’ is a unique experience which is also devoted to humanitarian causes! Visit and click here to see how Celebrity Series of Boston is celebrating their 75th season!

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