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Review: Bxh7+


Author David Rudel writes that while working on his previous book The Moment of Zuke, he had an eye-opening experience. "I wasn't surprised by the number of times Bxh7+ occurred in high-level games – it is not for nothing that the Greek Gift is well known. Rather, it was the play afterward that I had not expected…It isn't that somehow strong players lose their ability to analyze once the Trojan horse was munching on h7-grass. Rather, the material, drawn almost exclusively from expert level or higher games, suggested the players were using their raw (generally good) analysis skills without having spent much focused training on the sacrifice. There are a bundle of tips and tricks that are useful to know (on both sides of the board), and it seems that kit bag is not widely assimilated among chess players."

After a brief introduction, Rudel divides the book into five "modules," in which he examines a particular aspect of the Bxh7 sacrifice...

The full review is available at the ChessCafe book review page for the next several days, and is permanently archived here.


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