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Review: Body of Proof The Complete First Season

Dana Delany's hit ABC crime drama's 1st season hits DVD September 20th
Dana Delany's hit ABC crime drama's 1st season hits DVD September 20th
ABC Studios

***The Following DVD Set will be released in all local Columbus stores September 20th. Please check local retailers for their own unique pricing ***

If you would have told me that Dana Delany (who had a wonderful critically acclaimed stunt on Desperate Housewives 6th Season) would jump ship from a popular show into a new one, much less that it be a crime of the week drama, well I would have laughed thinking it’d not succeed. But these are the ropes of the biz, some make it, some don’t. Even more surprising is that this new show, upon further reflection, is actually quite good. The show: ABC Studio’s Body of Proof.

Delany stars as Dr. Megan Hunt, a brilliant neurosurgeon with an ego to boot, who we learn was in a car accident. Whilst the accident didn’t cripple her, at first glance, when she begins to lose patients on the table because her hand cannot stop trembling, Hunt (and her ego) get knocked down a few pegs. She can no longer be the brilliant neurosurgeon.

Cut to some time later where she begins to use her gifts as a medical examiner, using her unique gifts and foresight into the human body to help Detectives Bud Morris (John Carroll Lynch) and Samantha Baker (Sonja Sohn) tell the story of their deaths, and who, if anything, killed the victim. And then there is the wacky cast of characters who work with Hunt, helping her solve the cases.

The Complete First season of Body of Proof features all 9 episodes from the first season, and also features Dolby Digital Stereo. The DVDs, like the show, are shot and screened in Widescreen (1.78:1) – Enhanced for HD Television, and features Spanish and French subtitles. The extras are a bit dry to me, beyond the typical and always appreciated blooper reel, they have two featurettes, “Examining the Proof” and “If Looks Could Kill” which didn’t do a lot to me, running each around 8-15 minutes a piece.

Body of Proof: The Complete First Season

Release Format: 2-Disc DVD Set

Retail Price: Around $29.99 – $35.99

Release Date: September 20th, 2011

For More information visit or click here to find a local Columbus-based Best Buy for more information.


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