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Review: Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter lives up to its claims

New Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter offers a premium litter product.
New Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter offers a premium litter product.
Arm & Hammer

Many people who share their homes with cats have regretted buying cheap kitty litter. Some store brands work pretty well, such as Sam's Club and BJ's scoopable litter products, but these require warehouse club memberships and the willingness to cart home a cumbersome, 40-lb. box of litter.

As brand names go, Tidy Cat, Arm & Hammer and Fresh Step stand out from the crowd. Now, Arm & Hammer has released a premium scoopable litter, Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, which may catapult it into the top spot.

Does the product measure up to its claims?

  • "7 Day Odor-Free Home Guaranteed" - Clump & Seal certainly does a better than average job of covering up odors. It probably would cover up most litter odors, unless you have an elderly cat who refuses to cover her business.
  • "No Crumbly Clumps" - This litter clumps harder than any I've seen. If you usually spend several minutes sifting out the little pieces of waste from cat litter, Clump & Seal will make you want to stand up and cheer. You'll go from feeling like you're panning for tiny pieces of kitty waste to sifting out big chunks, likely cutting your litter cleaning time in half.
  • "Ultra Low Dust and Low Tracking" - This litter definitely doesn't leave a dust cloud in its wake and doesn't seem to track much. Other brands have also made strides in these areas, though some still stir up so much dust that you have to leave the room for awhile after filling the litter box.
  • "Your Cat will Love the New, Softer Feel" - Clump & Seal does have a very soft and fine texture, which makes it even more amazing that the litter doesn't leave a dust cloud. It certainly looks like cats would like it better than the typical litter with larger, rough-looking pieces. However, my cats' only comment was "meow."

Clump & Seal has one drawback - It costs significantly more than standard litter. A 14-lb. jug of standard scoopable kitty litter such as Tidy Cat brand may go on sale for as low as $4.99, while Clump & Seal goes on sale for around $9.99 and retails for $10.99 or more.

I purchased two Clump & Seal 14-lb. boxes, in both of the varieties available - "Fresh Home" and "Multi-Cat." As with other litter brands, I found no difference between the two varieties. I paid $9.99 for each box and used a $3 coupon from the Sunday coupon circulars. You can print a $3 Clump & Seal coupon from Arm & Hammer's Web site up to two times.

Arm & Hammer has released an amazing cat litter product in Clump & Seal, though the price may keep many buyers away. Clump & Seal is definitely worth a try, and buying it once may convince you to start splurging on it all the time.

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