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Review: 'Anger Management, Vol. 3' arrives on Blu-Ray

Volume 3 of FX’s “Anger Management” arrives on Blu-Ray Tuesday. The Charlie Sheen-starring sitcom is currently in the middle of filming 100 episodes for syndication. While the show premiered with the highest sitcom ratings in basic cable history, those ratings have tapered off, and “Volume 3” continues the show’s death march towards syndication, with 24 interchangeable, instantly forgettable episodes.

Stills from 'Anger Management: Vol. 3', coming to Blu-Ray April 15.
Stills from 'Anger Management: Vol. 3', coming to Blu-Ray April 15.
Vol. 3 of 'Anger Management' comes to Blu-Ray
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Charlie Sheen plays Charles Goodson (“Good Son” = GET IT?!?!?!), a therapist juggling work, life and family.The show co-stars Martin Sheen, cleverly cast as Charlie’s father; surprisingly, his character’s name isn’t Great Dad Johnson.

Sheen can do this kind of role in his sleep, and at times it seems like he is. His voice seems a bit more gravely and slurred since his “Two and a Half Men” days, and his haggard appearance frequently distracts from the generic, laugh track-fueled hijinks.

The show also occasionally features small subplots with some of Sheen’s patients, but make no mistake, this is Charlie’s show. Selma Blair also co-stars in the early episodes of Volume 3 before she was unceremoniously fired during the show’s production.

One interesting aspect of “Anger Management” is that it’s filled with guest stars. It’s good to see actors like Martin Sheen, Selma Blair, Barry Corbin, Gina Gershon and Brett Butler pick up paychecks, and the show is filled with familiar faces. Unfortunately, this lineup of professionals aren’t able to sell the show’s warmed-over humor.

As a way for Charlie Sheen to pay his bills, “Anger Management” succeeds. As a way to make people laugh, not so much. Click on the slideshow above to view stills from “Anger Management,” and view the Blu-Ray trailer above. For the latest Blu-Ray news and reviews, subscribe to the Blu-Ray Examiner today.

A/V Quality

Audio and video quality are thoroughly average.


A gag reel is included.

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