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Review: All Mighty Pacs Oxi laundry detergent gets the job done well

New All Mighty Pacs laundry detergent leaves clothes clean and smelling great.
Sun Products Corp

All Mighty Pacs Oxi with Stainlifters does a great job getting laundry clean and costs less than competing brands of gel packs or pods.

Sun Products Corporation provided me with a sample package of their new All Mighty Pacs Oxi in return for an honest review.

I continued using my normal pre-treatment spray on stains, fabric softener dryer sheets and chlorine bleach in white loads. I use a regular top-loading washing machine, though Mighty Pacs work with front-loading HE machines as well.

As with most laundry detergents, you should toss Mighty Pacs into the drum as the washer is filling, before you add laundry. I really like the convenience of throwing in a gel pack rather than measuring liquid or powder detergent.

I've tried other brands of laundry packs or pods with mixed results. I had good results from Wisk Power Blasts, costing about 20 cents a load. Another brand of laundry detergent pods that I tried, priced at about 27 cents a load, didn't impress me nearly as much.

At $4.97 for a pack of 30 at Walmart, All Mighty Pacs Oxi costs about 16.5 cents per load, and you can often get a better price with sales and coupons.

The instructions say to use one packet for medium loads and two for large or heavily soiled loads. I used one Mighty Pac on all of my large loads, even particularly dirty ones, and the clothes came clean. Even some untreated stains came out of the clothing. You may particularly appreciate this stain removing capability if you have children or others in the family who tend to dribble food or get other stains on their clothing.

The laundry came out smelling fresh and clean, and I saw no color transfer when washing a light-colored item with a colored load. No body or cologne odor lingered on the clothing.

Gel packs may cost a little more at the store compared to liquid or powder laundry detergent, but you could spend less in the long run. Many folks use more detergent than they really need, filling up the measuring cup to the top when they only need to partially fill it. With a gel pack or pod, you always use the right amount with no measuring, spillage or mess.

You can find All Mighty Pacs Oxi at Walmart and other major retailers.

With the product's high performance and low price, I will definitely add All Mighty Pacs Oxi to my list of preferred laundry products.

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