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Review: All Free Clear products clean and soften with no dyes or perfumes

All Free Clear products clean and soften without dyes or perfumes
Sun Products Corp

The All brand of laundry products has added liquid fabric softener to their "Free Clear" line, offering a choice in sensitive skin laundry softener at a lower price point than many other brands.

Sun Products Corporation provided me with a sample bottle of All Free Clear liquid fabric softener, along with a bottle of their All Free Clear with Stainlifters laundry detergent, in return for an honest review.

I continued using my normal pretreatment spray on stains along with chlorine bleach in white loads. I use a regular top-loading washing machine, though All Free Clear detergent and softener both work with front-loading HE machines as well.

As with most laundry detergents, you should pour All Free Clear detergent into the drum as the washer is filling, before you add laundry, and add the liquid fabric softener to your washer's appropriate dispenser area.

My laundry came out clean and smelling fresh. All Free Clear can't cover up smells with heavy perfumes, and it doesn't need to. I couldn't detect any lingering body or cologne smells on clothing. The detergent cleaned the dirty clothing well, and the fabric softener made for soft, static-free laundry.

If someone in your family needs to avoid perfumes and dyes in laundry products, the All Free Clear line offers an excellent choice at a great price. Even if your household doesn't require sensitive skin products, you may prefer laundry detergent and softener that don't leave their own scent on your apparel.

All Free Clear fabric softener costs roughly 6.6 cents a load - $3.97 for a 60 load bottle at Walmart - but All often offers generous Sunday newspaper coupons that can lower your out of pocket costs substantially. You can find All Free Clear products at most major retailers.

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