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Review: Adventures in Paying Rent, vol. 1 by Chris Lyons and Kyle Fields

The lovely cover. I'm particularly taken by the cummerbund.
The lovely cover. I'm particularly taken by the cummerbund.

Adventures in Paying Rent is the best adults-only activity and coloring book starring anthropomorphic food objects ever.

I know that's a bold claim, but seriously, AiPR volume 1—and that 'volume 1', that prospect of more, has me salivating already—is dang hilarious. This book features all the elements of the activity books you did as a child—coloring pages, crossword puzzles, word searches—with all the depression and broken dreams of your adulthood. Characters such as Frank the Pickle and Mr. Muffin lead you through a series of activities that teach children of all ages about the futility of living in an uncaring world.

Writer Kyle Field and artist Chris Lyons have put together a marvelous first project here. This is no Xeroxed pamphlet with poorly-drawn pencil sketches on printer paper; this is a well-crafted, professional book that any comic collector could proudly display on a shelf. The production values are truly astonishing on this book: the hilarious art is excellently reproduced on high-quality paper, and there's a full-color cover to boot. The art is crisp and clean, and the jokes are pretty dang funny the whole way through. I'm particularly taken by the last page, which is a message from Chris to his grandfather, apologizing for what he's done in this book.

Best of all, it's a true activity book: there's a box of four crayons taped to the front of every copy, and you can send your finished pages to the official AiPR site, where they'll be posted for the world to see (and be horrified by). Just be sure to keep it away from your kids--you don't want them to be scarred for life too soon.

For more info:

Mechanical Mariner, the official AiPR site


  • Dominic Postiglione 5 years ago

    We were lucky enough to get the book in our store for Indy Comic week and it's way swinging cool! Ted as usual hit it on the head! Get one if you can!

  • Alex 5 years ago

    I picked one up, and it was a blast to fill out! I remember now why I enjoyed these activity books as a kid.

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