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REVIEW Acer Aspire R7

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Today we’re looking at a REVIEW of the Acer Aspire R7

The R7 is an extremely unique convertible laptop that proposes a bold change in the way that we compute on the go. It's a laptop, a kiosk style windows 8 machine and even a flat tablet on your lap if you want it to be. A number of problems grabbed my attention during this review and more than any other device that I've seen (and I've seen a lot) I can NOT recommenced the Aspire R7 for anyone.

Main advantage: modern look, thin for how strong the hinge is, convertible aspects actually work

Main concern: horrible build quality consistent across machines, touchscreen is buggy and unresponsive at times, machine registers screen presses when closed

Unique features: single hinged design, touchpad behind keyboard

The hinge that allows the convertible scenarios is great, and that's the only thing positive that I can say about the R7. This is a machine that was wrought with issues above and beyond anything I've seen to date. I saw two machines from Acer. The first was defective in the most obvious way, the hinge caused too much stress on the screen and two points of light were shown on the screen at the exact points where the hinge is attached. The second remedied the hinge issue and it has not repeated over extended use, unfortunately a whole new batch of problems came with the second attempt.

The first thing I noticed after a few weeks of use is that the slightest nudge of the machine would power it down. Machines are thinner and lighter every day, the reason is portability. We don't stop moving as a people and our machines are designed to keep up. This machine was not designed to move. I had to actually open up the machine in the end (which would void your warranty I'm sure) and check all of the connections on the machine's internals. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. After securing all of the cables inside, I buttoned up the machine and gave it another go. The problem is about 80% fixed at this point but I've still seen random power downs unfortunately.

The final straw which lead me to this non traditional review was the screen. As a touch based device that can collapse to a tablet or kiosk style, a machine like this needs to be flawless without a keyboard. You've guessed by now that the experience was far from flawless. The touchscreen will register presses and it will register movement, it will not consistently deliver clicks though. I can select things but not single or double tap. I can not drag and drop and I can't select text. I can fairly reliably scroll, so there's that. This horrible touchscreen experience lead me on a desperate search for some temporary fix. Surely the trackpad on this machine would HAVE TO WORK? Give them points for consistency, the trackpad is a dud. No tactile feedback during clicks, which themselves are extremely difficult to accomplish. I immediately found that the left button was stuck. This meant that whenever I would scroll with the trackpad it would select everything on a page, simply unusable. The only solution as it turned out was a combination of the two flawed inputs. I literally found myself selecting items on the screen by touch and then having to gently click the trackpad without moving the cursor to trigger any action.

I've actually noticed a trend among Acer product. I'm personally hearing more and more horror stories from this low cost PC power. Acer seems to have reached the point where lower cost is meaning too low a quality produced. This company has seemed to abandoned any quality control from what I can gather and you are gambling with your money by purchasing anything from them. I wanted to love the R7, Acer wouldn't let me.

Thank you to Acer for supplying their product for review.

R7 convertible laptop with Windows 8 by Acer

Alternatives: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, Acer Aspire S7

Is it worth buying: You'll notice that I didn't go into any of the details of the hardware here, I didn't want to waste your time or mine with that exercise in frivolity. You can find all of the machine's specs on Acer's site here if you insist, but please don't waste your hard earned money on such a poorly built computer. DO NOT buy this device.




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