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REVIEW: Ace Attorney Investigations (DS)

Rated T for Too Much Purple
Rated T for Too Much Purple

THE SETUP: Take control of the dapper prosecutor Miles Edgeworth in the fifth installment of the Ace Attorney series. The drama leaves the courtroom as you investigate crime scenes in the greatest flagrant disregard of any legal system yet!

BASICALLY: Like the other Ace Attorney games, this is a text-based adventure that has you solving a handful of murder cases. You do get to actually move your character around the 2D scenery instead of just looking at it this time, but really everything here is par for the course.

You explore the crime scene and nearby areas looking for clues and witnesses to talk to, then use that information to crack the case. At times you use the game's Logic system--linking together two observations to deduce clues about the crime--and new dialogue options or evidence becomes available. It's the same experience you'd get playing the other games in the series, but it feels a bit more involved, which I liked.

Kay Faraday.  Because it's not an Ace Attorney
game without an underage female sidekick.

The most important thing about this kind of game, though, is the writing, and Ace Attorney Investigations doesn't disappoint. Series vets will appreciate all of the returning characters and throwback jokes, but newcomers shouldn't be discouraged either--this game stands on its own pretty well. The occasional typo detracts a bit from the experience, but there isn't anything major (though it seems they get more frequent with each new game in the series).

The biggest problem with this game is the same problem that all the Ace Attorney games have had (and indeed, an inherent problem with the genre in general); there is zero replay value. Once you solve the last case and the credits roll, there is no incentive whatsoever to play through the game again.

Buy if you're a series fan or like the genre.

Pre-investigation high fives all around!


+ Music
+ Well-written
+ New investigation methods (Logic, crime scene recreation) mix things up a bit

-Virtually zero replay value
-A few questionable leaps in logic (though not as bad as other games in the series have been)
-Some random typos


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