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Review: 2010 Dodge Ram 3500HD is a sports car. No, really.



  • steve_m 6 years ago

    Interesting perspective & good writeup. Thanks.

    There is one obvious error though. The Cummins engine doesn't use glow plugs like GM & Ford. It uses a grid heater. Also I'd definitely quibble about the mpgs. While the previous gen 5.9L might get low-mid 20's under "closely monitored" driving conditions, I don't think the 6.7 will. The new emissions equipment is reported to lead to a reduction of mpgs.

  • haymaker 6 years ago

    What a different perspective altough very good. I am a typical push snow, pull trailers truck owner, yes a Ram with 450000km's and counting. I never thought of a comparison of a sports car and a truck, but it's kinda true. I also liked the idea of low gear in traffic (mines an auto) and hyd. cab mounts. When the frost comes out of the roads you need a kidney belt!

  • Dan Roth 6 years ago

    Steve - the MPG was a highway-only trip, unloaded, driven gently. I was impressed.

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