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Reversing the cursing: Red Sox play all-around baseball in season-opening win

Boston Red Sox 2013: Ballplayers, not Idiots?
Boston Red Sox 2013: Ballplayers, not Idiots?
Elsa/Getty Images

The Boston Red Sox yesterday played a game of all-around baseball and won their season opener, defeating the Yankees in New York by a score of 8-2 and muting the cusses and condemnations of a restless fan base in the process.

Though one game does not a season make, it was nothing short of restorative to watch a team with “Boston” on its uniforms work the count (eight walks overall), play defense (Jackie Bradley, Jr.), bunt for a hit (Jose Iglesias), run the bases with abandon (Jonny Gomes), and actually pitch (Jon Lester and a bullpen cast of several) – and do so all in one game.

The American League East being what it is – a collection of largely equally-flawed teams that will face each other 19 times apiece – I still think .500 is a realistic expectation for the Sox for this year. But for right now, today, the season is full of promise and opportunity for more of what we saw yesterday: not Idiots but Ballplayers, whose approach to the game is worthy of a reversing of the cursing that has dominated the conversation since the Great Collapse of 2011.