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Reverse logistics of refurbished electronics

Retail Returns
Retail Returns

Returns can be a hassle, and they’re even worse when you’re a retailer. They can be costly and time consuming. However, refurbishing electronics for resale is one way to recoup some of your lost profits.

The vast majority of electronics can be easily refurbished for resale. Most returns are made because a consumer was frustrated with their new purchase or had buyer’s remorse, not because there was any real defect. In fact, only five percent of returned electronics have defects.

It is worth taking the time to investigate the status of returned electronics. The ones that are returned in working order can be easily refurbished and re-sold, and even some of the defective ones can be harvested for parts.

Check out this infographic for more about the facts and figures of retail electronics returns. You may be able to make your business more profitable by participating in the refurbished market. Also, consumers may become more comfortable buying refurbished electronics knowing they are usually returned for no good reason.