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Al "fat rat" Sharpton turned FBI informant after attempted cocaine buy (video)

Apparently the Reverend Al (not so) Sharpton was downplaying his role as an undercover snitch on Tuesday. In fact former NYPD detective Bo Dietl said the reverend and MSNBC commentator was known as “the fat rat,” in a Fox News interview.

The Reverend Al (not so) Sharpton aka "The Fat Rat"
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The theory goes that Sharpton turned FBI informant when he was caught on camera attempting to buy cocaine. A 1983 video, first shown on HBO, shows Sharpton buying kilos of drugs from an undercover FBI agent. Fox’s Sean Hannity broadcast it last night.

“The Fat Rat” admitted Tuesday he “had cooperated with the FBI” in their investigation of the New York Genovese crime (Mafia) family, but curiously denied he had been a paid snitch of the mob.

Sharpton’s failing memory was quickly corrected. Retired NYPD detective Dietl said it was “well known” the reverend was helping the FBI. He said, "There was a lot of involvement with the music industry at that time that Al was involved. People I knew from East Harlem, everyone on the streets at that time, knew he was an informant. We used to call him the fat rat."

When shown the video by Fox’s Hannity, Dietl said, "The video stands for itself. He was talking about buying kilos of coke with an undercover cop. So who is he representing?"

Sharpton downplayed his role as an informant. Hannity was curious as to what had “flipped” the reverend into becoming an FBI informant. His theory was they were going to go ahead and indict him for soliciting.

Detective Dietl quickly cleared that up. "The majority of the times when we develop informants is when you get them on a felony case, and then you flip them, and they become an informant. When he says he didn’t know he was an informant, that’s a lot of baloney. Al Sharpton knew what he was doing, he was cooperating with the FBI."

The website “Smoking Gun” released FBI documents on Monday that led the New York Post to write the screaming headline, “Rev. Rat." The New York media was already well aware of Dietl’s 1998 book that was tuned into a film starring Stephen Baldwin.

Sharpton’s code name with the FBI was “CI-7 .” Although he denies recent involvement with the FBI, he admits he cooperated with them in the 1980s to help record suspected mobsters repeat threats made against him over his campaign to help black concert promoters. “I wasn't with the rats. I am a cat. I chase rats."

Most amused observers are certain the revelations made concerning the Reverend Al “The fat rat” Sharpton will not harm his career at ultra-liberal MSNBC.

Rest easy "Fat rat," that's not why they hired you. You're doing just fine in their eyes.

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