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Reverence on life

On a recent Oprah Lifeclass, she discussed a new book by Bishop T.D. Jakes called Instinct. His reverence on life is really empowering and this particular topic resonated with me. He started the program talking about a safari he was on where he sat between a zoologist and a guide who was extremely book smart about animals. He explained how most of the day this expert shared knowledge about the animals and elephants in particular and although they saw a lot of animals, the guide kept looking for this missing elephant. Bishop Jakes said the zoologist was very quiet most of the day but before they saw the elephant he stood and said, “The elephant is over there.” At this point the Bishop realized he was sitting between intellect (the book smart guide) and instinct (a passionate zoologist who had an instinctual knowing). His point was to use your intellect in your life but it is important not to let this get in the way of your internal knowing; your instinct.

Gain your balance by finding the perfect middle spot; it's meant especially for you.
Gain your balance by finding the perfect middle spot; it's meant especially for you.
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He recommended that we surround ourselves with people who reflect a similar rhythm.

Bishop Jakes communicated, “Ignore the chatter of the naysayers.” During the show he used many metaphors from the animal kingdom. For example, he compared a turtle to a giraffe relevant to their place in life and the perspective each represents. An animal that feeds from the top has a different view then one that feeds from the bottom. He shared that a giraffe has a 25-pound heart in order to enable the blood to flow up its long neck and when this animal tries to lower itself and dwell at the bottom similar to the turtle, it cuts off its blood flow and will lose consciousness. While there isn’t anything wrong with the turtle, its view is different as it lives its life with a lower perspective. It cannot see the view of the giraffe. His message, “When you were built to be tall you will endanger your position if you lower your perspective!” It is a power message to sit with and think about.

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